Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another milestone...

Do you know what this is??? What could it be??? Anyone....

You are right, it's mayonnaise and yes I made it. The color is a bit richer- I am guessing that is due to the farm fresh nature of the eggs, and let me tell you it is delicious!!!! Oh man, another thing I don't think I will be purchasing at the store anymore.

Here is a quick recount of what went into it :)
3 egg yolks- fresh from the backyard if possible- at room temperature
1 tablespoon brown spicy mustard
place into the bowl of the food processor with the regular blade and start it up-
next, very slowly drizzle in 300ml of canola oil or any other very mild flavored oil- seriously do this one slow or it won't come together right.
Once it's all combined it will have the consistency of mayo, although like mentioned above, mine was seriously yellow :)
Now I started with the juice of 1 fresh lemon, coarse salt and fresh black pepper, add it and pulse to combine. My mayo needed more salt and acid, so I added the juice of another lemon and more salt and pepper- only pulsing to combine.

And voila!! Deliciousness!!!!
It made about 1.5 of those little pint size canning jars :)

Now off to experimenting with some flavors....


April Himes said...

Claudia, you are amazing! I never would have thought of making mayo at home. Thank you for sharing your creations. Now it seems I just need a few chickens. :)

Robin Bailey said...

Love it! Can't wait to try it out! My mother-in-law makes yogurt, cheese and mayo but I've never dove there before. You have inspired me to give it a whirl! Love your new blog look too. It fits you. Blessings-